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Electrical Services

We stock all electrical supplies you may need including fuses, motors, wire, contactors, breakers, etc. Stop in for any supplies you need!


Wells, bins, barns, VFDs, etc.

If you're looking for reliable work for anything electrical on your farm, grain bins, barns, wells, light poles and so on, we're your one-stop-shop. We take care of it all quickly and correctly.

The best part, along with the irrigation specialist, we can tackle ALL your agricultural needs with one phone call.

circuit breaker panel repair
Franklin VFD.png

Residential and Commercial

We carry a full line of electrical products such as fuses, wire, capacitors, plugs/receptacles, outlets and switches, breakers, panels, and so much more. 
We can help you with any number of residential and commercial projects, such as:
- New house, shop, business wiring

- Remodels

- Upgrading unsafe panels

- Barn lights/power

- Troubleshooting service calls

Electrical Work
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