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And so much more! As a Zimmatic by Lindsay dealership, we can provide you with all the options and possibilities this progressive company offers. Stop in and see us today for more information on the unlimited possibilities with Zimmatic by Lindsay and Lindsay Corporation!

Continue scrolling for a few of the specialty innovations we offer.

Zimmatic by Lindsay

We are your local Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer and can get you the newest and best irrigation systems made today. You can trust us to measure your field and help you choose the best system for your needs. We will also build and set up the system from the ground up. Call us today to see how we can help you with your new irrigation system needs.

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Pivot repair and maintenance

Services include:
* All service repairs
* Sprinkler packages
* Pivot controls
* Winter maintenance
* Repurposing gearboxes

* Towing

* Building/rebuilding 

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Genuine Lindsay Parts

We have Genuine Lindsay Parts on hand to meet your immediate pick up needs. Stop in to see us today for a part or to see what exactly we work with on your irrigation systems.


FieldNET Pivot Watch is the newest and most innovative technology of 2019. This product is perfect for those customers who have been wanting to incorporate telemetry into their operation, but have been deterred by the price point. Pivot Watch is the newest member of the FieldNET family and offers you a monitor-only option, which allows a $299 starting price point that makes it affordable for everyone.

Because Pivot Watch doesn't tap into any part of the electrical system of your pivot, it also allows for a self-install option, saving you even more money. See the video on how to install and configure your new Pivot Watch, and click below for more information on FieldNET's Pivot Watch!

This technology allows you to be anywhere doing anything and control your pivots at the same time. FieldNET Pivot Control saves time and man power while giving you the convenience of total control in the palm of your hand.

FieldNET Advisor is the most adanced telemetry option money can buy today. This new technology can help advise you from past and present data on how best to irrigate your acres.

As with all Zimmatic by Lindsay products, FieldNET is technology developed for Lindsay and BY Lindsay. Our own engineers develop this technology in-house, which means we don't answer to someone else and can make changes and updates as we see fit, unlike our competitors who buy their telemetry technology from other companies.

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These state-of-the-art tires create less soil disruption, improve traction, and decrease wheel rutting. Because of this airless tire system, you’ll never have to replace another flat or damaged tire again!

Click the link below to direct you to Zimmatic by Lindsay's website for more information.
NEW! The new NFTrax 2.0 tires have just been release. This newer version has steel brackets with twice as much surface area as the originals and are also available in an alternate z-tread pattern with deeper lugs to tackle the toughest of field conditions! Call for more information on these and the original NFTrax tires!


Your new irrigation specialist in Custer County!

Lance can accomplish all your irrigation needs, no matter how big or small. He has knowledge and experience on all irrigation systems and can get you up and running quickly during your important growing season.

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