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10 Tower Zimmatic

Late 70s model pivot. 10 tower, standard length machine. 

Will come with a new sprinkler package.

Offering machine as-is or with new towerboxes and some driveline components.


Call for more information.

8 Tower Valley

Late 80's 6000 model Valley. 8 tower, standard length machine.

Has large turf tires.


Will come with new sprinkler package AND with a FieldNET Pivot Control.


Machine looks really solid and came from a good water location.


7 Tower Zimmatic

This 7 tower Zimmatic is a 1996 Gen2 machine. Each tower is 179'.

This machine will be completely disassembled, meaning it can be built in your field to your desired length. 

Will have many new parts installed before sale.

Call for price.

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